Ms. Afroza Ahmed obtained a Bachelor's in Architecture and Master's in Urban and Regional Planning from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET). She also performed a postgraduate course on Architecture and Development from LUND University, Sweden in 1995. She started her architecture career in 1987 in a leading private consultancy firm in Dhaka. She also taught at the Mohila Polytechnic Institute, for one year (1988-89). Ms. Afroza was involved as a national Consultant with the Dhaka Metropolitan Development Planning Project from 1992 to 1995. During her professional life with DMDP, she also initiated a pilot project on Land Readjustment Techniques in Dhaka. In 1996 she worked as a Physical Planner with the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED). For the last 3 years Ms. Afroza has been working in the hygiene behaviour change programme with CARE-Bangladesh and currently with UNICEF as a Project Officer in Water & Environmental Sanitation Section.
The Dhaka Metropolitan Development Planning (DMDP) Project started in 1992 and came to an end in 1996 UNDP and the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh jointly funded the project The Project's planning components are comprised of the following four aspects
Structure plan Urban Area Plan Detailed Area Plan and Instruments for Implementation
Ms. Afroza Ahmed was directly involved in the preparation of Urban Area Plan of the DMDP project

One of the objectives of the Urban Area Plan is to prepare reference documents for all infrastructure agencies like Water Supply Authority, Dhaka Electric Supply Authority, Titas Gas, Roads & Highways etc. and also to check the coherence of future expansion of these utility services with the expansion of Dhaka city

The Land Readjustment Pilot project was a component of Detail Area Plan of DMDP project This is an infrastructure development tool, especially suitable for low-density fringe areas where private landowners contribute a certain portion of their land to have standard roads.

Ms. Afroza Ahmed initiated this pilot project in one of the fringe areas of Dhaka City She organized the community to plan their infrastructure layout including standard road layout using the land readjustment process.

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