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Born in Poona, 1967, graduated from Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Bombay in 1989. After a year of working in Bombay, Anupama moved to Auroville. Anupama explores through her work, eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternatives to the present building trend, to develop options appropriate to the present state of our environment. After a period of work in Berlin, since her return in 1995, Anupama is the chief executive of KOLAM, an architecture unit of Auroville, with a team of twelve persons engaged in the research, design as well as construction of the projects undertaken.

Anupama demonstrates in her own house a range of six roofing technologies that are the regular RCC alternatives with the aim of reducing the use of high energy materials like steel and concrete. The brick masonry is characterized by the use of achakal, the local village brick that has dimensions of 19, 10 and 3 cms.

Lime mortar further reduces the use of cement.

The private spaces are arranged within the narrow cavity of the main spine, while simultaneously opening onto the double-height vault extension, a spillover space for respective activities.

The built form playfully interacts with the immediate exterior, sometimes spilling onto it, at others allowing it to flow through itself.

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