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Ayesha Noorani did her National Diploma in Architecture from National College of Arts Lahore.

After working with Mr. Javed Najam of Architects Commune and Mr. Wasif Ali Khan, she established her own private practice in Lahore in 1985 as Noorani Associates. Her projects range from landscaping to interiors to buildings.

She won the U.N.E.S.C.O. competition for Tomorrow's Habitat in Pakistan. She also read a paper at Education Workshop in 1984.
Ayesha is aslo a visiting Lectuurer for Architecture Design at the National College of Arts since 1996.

This is a four-bedroom house on two levels. The inspirations for the plan, exterior finishes and detailing came from the wonderful stone carvings found at Makli Hills in Thatta, Sindh.

It was not possible to carve these panels but we used the moulding and casting technique on site to cast panels, borders and brackets. The focal point of the house is the atrium that not only forms the central entertaining space but also helps in ventilating the house and providing ample natural light to the areas surrounding it.

The date palm tree that already existed on site was saved and incorporated into the landscaping of the atrium and creating drama in that space. A traditional marble mosaic fountain forms the centrepiece of this area.
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