Dhruti graduated from Sir J.J. College of Architecture and subsequently worked with Sen Kapadia, Hema Sankalia, Atul Desai and Ratan Batliboi from 1986 to 1993.

The collective experience of these years along with the exposure received from working with Narud Stokke Wiig, Norway in the summer of '87 helped her in formulating a design philosophy which explores design as a tool to create uncluttered, calm yet dramatic spaces.

Current works range from schools to factories and offices to fashion boutiques.

The house is built in a natural clearing on a terraced-forested site in the mountainous terrain of Mahableshwar. The fabulous view of the Krishna Valley and the torrential rainfall of the area were two predominant design concerns.
Load bearing brick and laterite walls hold the M.S. trussed roof in place.
One wall of the staircase is directed to the axis of the Krishna Valley. Through the constantly changing light, which is experienced due to the skylights, the house retains a calming and quiet ambience.

Set amongst acres of open space in Mumbai's largest school campus, the architecture and planning of the building was visualised to purposefully depart from the standard multi-storeyed structure. In contrast, thus the school takes inspiration from the curriculum of these toddlers and centers education around fun and play. The building design is spread out at ground level and pivots eccentrically around a 'clock tower' dominated entrance with the classrooms clustered around two courtyards. The classrooms are designed to be a typical each having its own face and identity. This was visualised to impart a bond between each group of children and their classroom.
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