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Meena Mani graduated with a Bachelors in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. She has worked with various architects including Stein Doshi and Bhalla, where she was a Senior Architect at one time.

She has also been a visiting faculty in various schools of architecture and interior design including her alma mater.

Currently, she is a design partner in Stein Mani Chowfla, Architects Consultants in New Delhi, where she has led the design team in numerous educational campus projects,office

  buildings, cultural institutional projects and housing
  among others.

Her work has been published in various journals and magazines, including Architecture + Design and Design Digest.

The India Habitat Centre is a moderately dense complex of institutional and office spaces organized around linked courtyards protected from the intense tropical sunshine and the confusion of an urban location at the intersection of two heavily trafficked roads. The pooling of a number of plots into an integrated urban form has enabled common problems like food services, parking, meeting facilities etc. to be tackled in an efficient and comprehensive manner and resulted in the creation of substantial civic spaces and facilities.

The main features of the Centre are:
1. Motor free landscaped public areas created by taking the automobiles below the ground.
2. Protected and inter-communicating climate controlled atrium-like courtyards.
3. Multiple levels of gardens at the shaded court level, roof top and vertical garden comprised of carefully ordered window boxes.
The design has achieved the objective of creating an urban environment (at the office and institutional building level) that restores to urban life, the orderliness and beauty, which has traditionally been one of the nourishing elements of human culture and demonstrating that humanist values can be incorporated into a dense urban development.

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