Book Review

Building a path between nations - THE INDIAN EXPRESS (MUMBAI) , Wednesday January 31, 2001

WHY women? And why only South Asian women? Is this a feminist agenda we are talking about? These questions eventually get answered as one marvels over An Emancipated Place - 2000 Plus, Women in Architecture, a comprehensive paperwork put together by architects Brinda Somaya and Urvashi Mehta. - read full article

Building her vision - BUSINESS INDIA , February 5-18, 2001

Gender was high on the agenda at Mumbai's National Gallery of Modern Art when noted film-maker Shyam Benegal released An Emancipated Place, an innovative book showcasing the work of 26 of the subcontinent's most creative women architects. This seriously sumptuous book, conceptualised by Brinda Somaya and Urvashi Mehta, edited by Sean Mohaney and designed by Gita Simoes, is published by the Hecar Foundation - read full article

Building Words - SUDAY REVIEW , February 4, 2001

A quick perusal reveals a durbar of talented women architects with some great building between them. "And what of all those nameless hands/that chiselled and carved/hauled and lifted, place and set each block of someone else's dream," asks the poem by Lata Ramaswamy, at the beginning of the book, "must they remain quite forgetten, forever unknown." - read full article
















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