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Having acquired a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai, Samira Rathod further studied to obtain her Masters Degree in Architecure, specializing in design and Urban Planning from the University of Illinois, USA. During her work tenure with Ratan Batliboi, Samira made her mark in the realm of furniture through the exhibition 'Both feet on the ground'. In 1996 Samira staged her solo show of contemporary furniture by the name of 'Liasons des Formes'. She has since been one of the principals at RLC Architects.
With the onslaught of the millennium Samira is now principal of her own firm, Samira Rathod and Associates, and is currently working towards the launching of a new line in contemporary furniture designed by herself, in April 2000.
The site on the outskirts of Mumbai, elevated at 13 ft. overlooking a large man made pond, was dotted with trees (none of which were uprooted for construction).
The first wish that one makes, when visiting this piece of land, is a place to rest under the shade of a tree

This then, became the programme for the one bedroom house, and every idea conceived, and detail executed was based around this controlling theme -

"A place under the tree"! This concept has then been carefully integrated into the design, through its
open planning woven around trees and along the edge of the elevated land.
Its special features such as the
generous skylights large fenestrations, projected patios, a balcony and the intense truss work, all lend a meditative quality to the house
Created to be submissive in appearance without, the emergence of different intensities of light within, through its careful composition of openings in all its planes, its colours, and textures all in all lend spirituality to the space - subtle and serene
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