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Vivian Mitsogianni is an architect and academic currently practicing in Melbourne, Australia. Vivian has been lecturing in Architectural Design at the School of Architecture + Design, RMIT University, Melbourne since 1998. She is currently engaged in a Masters of Architecture by Project at RMIT University, which draws heavily from the teaching, personal design research and projects that have been completed over the last seven years. She has participated in several International Architectural Design Competitions, publications, exhibitions and written extensively about architecture. After working as an assistant editor and co-designer on the Australian architectural magazine 'Transition', Vivian has served on its editorial board for the last 5 years. In 1999 Vivian Mitsogianni along with Dean Boothroyd founded the architectural design practice M@ Architecture + Design in order to formalise a long standing working partnership.
International design competition for a new museum accommodating 200 staff and one million visitors per annum. The brief called for the retention of the existing Exhibition Building which was the site of Australia's first parliament in 1901.
A recurring theme in our projects is an on-going concern with questioning the representation of history and the illustrations of 'official' histories and viewpoints in a culture.
In museums,
readings of history are always constructed and the objects on display are never neutral. The histories presented are almost always the 'official' histories of a culture. We sought to subvert this condition. The linear arrangements of exhibits are challenged by the circulation and visual systems that are nonlinear, and allow displays to be visible in multiple, random, part glimpses, from any given position, thus allowing the observer to piece together their own histories.
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