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Abha Narain Lambah has a Masters degree in Architectural Conservation from the School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi.
She is an Executive Committee member of the Urban Design Research Institute and is a Founder member and Trustee of the Kala Ghoda Association and the Horniman Circle Association.
In addition to running an independent conservation consultancy firm, she is a principal of The Bombay Collaborative, a firm of architects involved in conservation and urban design. Abha is a visiting faculty at the Academy of Architecture

Among the busied pedestrian arteries. In the city that links the Icon Images of Flora Fountain and Victoria Terminus Station, Dr. Dadabhoi Naoroji Road is the only Grade II-A listed heritage streetscape in the country.

This project was successful in creating a much needed documentation database of the architectural ensemble of historic Victorian buildings that form this commercial spine. It also resulted in formulating a pioneering set of architectural controls and urban conservation guidelines for the control of signboards and shop fronts.
The project undertook a measured drawing exercise of all the building facades along the street, marking existing location of signboards and hoardings and subsequently created a set of specific guidelines
The project laid down specific controls for facilitating the facade restoration of the buildings, as well as providing design parameters for street furniture in this heritage precinct.
demarcating allowable zones for signage location along each facade.It also created a set of mandatory controls under the existing egislation, along with directive guidelines for material, colour, lettering styles etc. In this project, designs for heritage sensitive street furniture have also been prepared. It has been approved by the city planning authorities & Heritage Committee & implementation is underway.
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