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Lower Parel in Mumbai was a desolate run down mill district Strikes and new technology resulted in the closure of several of these textile mills. However, many of these old buildings are structurally sound and have brutal architectural strength and sensibilities The task entailed the conversion of some ancillary buildings in the Kamala mills compound into a contemporary office complex.
Thus there were three angles to this particular conversion:
1. The visual importance of the complex in the urban context, and the fact that the conversion has not disturbed the
street line at all.
2. The social importance of the building with its changed use. After the conversion, NRK House certainly worked as a catalyst for upgradation of other buildings on the
street Lower Parel slowly became an
acceptable corporate address.
3. The design quality of the conversion - NRK house won the Urban Heritage Award 1990 for Progressive Conservation

COLABA WOODS: In the early 80's the Tata Electric Company took over an 8-acre plot of land from the B.M.C. It was a
refuse dump. Today this green forest in the concrete jungle at Cuffe Parade is the lung of the locality. It has several facilities like joggers' track, an amphi-theater, a readers' corner for street children, basketball courts, childrens' play areas & areas for relaxation. It is an example of what ordinary citizens can do for their city. Colaba Woods won the Urban Heritage Award in 1989.

GANESHPURI : The Nityanand Ashram in Ganeshpuri has been revitalized in the last couple of years. Many years of neglect and decay resulted in a general run down condition of the area surrounding the temple, encroachments and a general decay of the environment.
The upgradation included a careful repainting of the temple and creating a plaza around it, as well as relocating various shops and other encroachments into sensitively designed alternative spaces to which the shopkeepers shifted. With a burgeoning population, places of religious worship have to be carefully planned and maintained, down to the smallest detail, otherwise rapid decay and degradation will take place as is already happening in several religious centers all over India.
Total architectural preservation for buildings in use is almost impossible due to changing needs. So we have to interpret the past the way we see best and provide for the future without losing the spirit of the place. We have attempted to prove that old buildings can fulfil the expression of life today.
The St. Thomas Cathedral, The Cathedral and John Connon Junior School and The Old Yatch Club are buildings that our practice is currently restoring
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