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The 600 bed hotel is located on a two hectare site at the intersection of Karl Marx road and First May road in Tashkent.

The hotel is designed as a `T' shaped tower block of eleven room floors set on a three storeyed podium which accommodates the public facilities. A contemporary planning approach has been used

                             combined with modern construction technology and materials. The architectural and interior
detailing has been drawn and reinterpreted from the ancient art and architecture of Uzbekistan.

To design the corporate headquarters of a garment export firm in a long narrow plot was the challenge. The plot was located just off the start of the Bangalore-Mumbai highway.
The various functional blocks were staggered along the spine creating several courtyards of varying forms and functions. Common architectural elements such as skylights, double heights, sculptural walls and materials used tie these spaces together.

Internally granite was used in 4 different colours in strong pattern for the flooring. (A sculptured curved wall finished in moghul plaster in various colours was introduced on the ground floor which is functional & decorative.

The client wanted a permanent external finish to reduce maintenance problems. Hence, a two toned grit finish was chosen for the external walls punctuated by white columns. hkhk
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