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Ms. Namita Singh graduated with Hons. from the Chandigarh College of Architecture in 1970. Ever since, she has been practising with her husband, Mr. Satnam Singh, as a partner in the firm Satnam Namita and Associates. She has designed Institutional, Commercial and Residential buildings during her career spanning over the last three decades.

For her outstanding contribution in the field of architecture, she has been conferred with numerous awards, including the JIIA award, The Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara award, Interiors Today award, Gem of India award and Mahila Rattan award.

Her works have been frequently published in many design journals as well as national newspapers.

The academy is a residential public school complex for 1000 students spread over an area of 200 acres.
The academy consists of the following blocks:
Administrative and Academic blocks,
Cultural and Sports Complex, Hostel Blocks and Staff Housing .

The campus design brings all the components of the Residential School into an integrated, holistic development where living is learning.

Clarity of circulation, bold geometric compositions in brick and experience of outdoors from every inside space are some of the significant design features. The simplicity and boldness of the facade lends a quiet dignity to the whole campus.

The faculty residences are in close proximity to the hostels. The teachers can keep a parental contact with the children as they pass their houses on their way to and fro the sports fields.

In harmony with the rest of the campus the sharply defined brick planes provide a rich organic play of shadows and light enlivening the

otherwise barren landscape.

The stepped jalis provide access to the units at different levels.

The approach to the 'Art Folio -
an art gallery
set up in the basement of an existing house.
The 'Art' experience starts right at the entrance, though the main gallery is much deeper inside. The path leads down to the basement.
Terraces, planters and steps create pause points and display platforms all along the entry path.
Finished in black and yellow stone and covered with a yellow bajri, the monochromatic colour scheme makes a strong visual statement.

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