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With Diploma in Architecture from CEPT, Ahmedabad,1978, she did courses in Urban Settlement Design with training in ceramics & offset printing at MIT, Cambridge in 1975. She pursued courses on Alternative Technologies & use of Solar Energies at Arcosanti & Cosanti Foundations
with architect philosopher Paolo Soleri, Arizona. She completed Landscape Design course of CEPT in 1984. She is a Partner of Abhikram, a Planning, Architecture, Conservation & Interior Consultancy firm in Ahmedabad, established in 1979. She received the 'JIIA Award for Excellence in Architecture for Institutional Buildings', 1993, 'JIIA-KITPLY Conservation Award', 1994 & also the 'Fellowship of Chicago Cultural Centre' in 1995.

The client, a hotel chain owned by the Maharaja of Mewar, wanted to expand and upgrade an existing hotel leased by the group into an up-market 25 room resort. The brief included a component of service upgradation as well as a design process that would respond to the rocky terrain of Kumbhalgadh. The design attempted to upgrade and add facilities without disturbing the serenity and tranquility of the surrounding, using local material, technologies and craftsmanship.

The construction technology responded to the local materials by evolving a composite masonry wall construction of local stone, with brick face wherever required, to facilitate the integration of modern services.The design process also took into consideration, the rich craft heritage.


Only basic drawings were prepared, leaving room for improvisation for appropriate response to site conditions, by architects and the master craftsman. All decisions were taken jointly with the client, during their 2 day stay at the site, almost every week over a 6-8 month period.

The use of traditional materials and local craftsmen proved to be economical, congruent and convenient in an isolated spot like Kumbhalgadh. It also gave the product a quality of timelessness.

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