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Shimul Javeri Kadri studied architecture in Mumbai and went on to do a Master's in Urban Planning at Michigan, Ann Arbor, where she also taught Women's Studies. She believes in design as a cumulative expression of one's larger experiences. She has been practicing in Mumbai since 1990. She has done a variety of projects from industrial and institutional buildings to office interiors and bungalows. She adopts a contextual vocabulary that expresses the need of the site and client as simply and joyfully as possible. Inherent in the simplicity is a complexity of material and detailing that remains subservient to the larger aims of the design.
This five storey building is located in the crowded polluted suburb of Malad in Mumbai, on a narrow 600 sq.m plot of land, hemmed in on all sides by residential buildings.
We opened up the east facade with balconies and traditional sloping chajjas held up with wooden elements from Gujarat.
Since the Mumbai monsoon is from the south-west, this face with its balcony seats and carved wood work remains highly protected. The west facade is where we provided a second skin, through which the services of the building run.
The challenge was to build within all the regulations of Mumbai's development control rules on a narrow 16 m. wide plot and yet infuse it with light, air, space, and above all - joy and peace. In this little building resides a world of ayurveda - a restaurant, boutique, OPD with waiting for a 100 people, treatment rooms, beauty parlour, health club and nursing rooms and a basement auditorium.
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