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We rebuilt a completely rundown warehouse of 6250 sq.ft. area, in a working class, industrial neighborhood to create an office building.
The challenge was to rebuild this structure conserving the industrial history of the original structure and its environs.

A roof presents an irresistible challenge, to let the sunlight in, and to lend its form to the workspace. We then had to slice through the volume created and divide it into several airtight compartments. This led to some strong architectural statements. Long coloured walls meticulously punctured by glass, juxtaposed with neutral, no-nonsense furniture.
The project was an exploration of materials and details at the micro level in order to achieve spatial success at the macro level.

Our first concern was to represent the identity of a cosmopolitan Indian family in their home. The "Indian" quality runs through the home, subtle but omnipotent.
Secondly, the home as sanctuary has clearly been played out by the creation of an introverted 'C' shaped building in which the courtyard becomes the pivot of the house - the idea being that in every movement between two rooms the experience of the outdoors is essential.

It is eventually a warm, tropical house where structure, materials and the quality of light and shade work together to create a contemporary Indian home.

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