Rehabilitation of Bhadli Village,
Kutch, Gujarat

On the 26th of January 2001, a devastating Earthquake of magnitude 6.9 (7.7 according to US sources) on the Richter Scale struck the state of Gujarat. The epicentre of the earthquake was situated around Bachau and Lodai on the Main Land fault, and the thrust movement along this fault is considered to be the cause of the earthquake. According to the Gujarat Government, the earthquake affected 7,904 villages and a number of urban centres, taking approximately 18,000 lives and causing over Rs. 2500 Crore in property damage. In addition, power stations were damaged and water and sanitation services across the region were rendered virtually useless. A disaster of this magnitude necessitated a massive rehabilitation program requiring both government and private aid. Click on the links below to get a detailed report of our plans.

Kutch: A Brief Overview

Rehabilitation and reconstruction

Bhadli Village: Rehabilitation Plans

Facilities that require repair and upgradation

Proposed Plan for the Rehabilitation of Bhadli Village

The Village in Pieces - A visual presentation

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